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Disclaimer X

The Greenway Principle has been edited for the internet, and contains no containers that are unsuitable for the collection of waste and recycling. That being said, the opinions in this survey are that of a number of sustainability specialist and a staff with over one-hundred years of combined experience in the industry, and are intended to be used as a guideline to start your recycling program.

User discretion is advised.

Once completed, we still encourage you to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff and go over the details, to ensure that the container(s) recommended here is the right one for you.

Indoor Or Outdoor X

Is the intended use of the container to be indoors, protected from the elements and violent critters?

Or is the container to go outdoors, exposed to the harsh elements and lawless critters?

Number of Streams X

How many streams will the containers be collecting? Count up all the contents you would like to separate (i.e. Waste, Cans & Bottles, Paper, etc.). Consult your hauler to see what streams they can accept if in doubt.

+Note, 4+ includes 4 stream or greater containers. For example, if you will be collecting 5 streams, please select the 4+ stream button.

Traffic Volume X

What is the projected amount and frequency of traffic these containers will be handling? For example, containers in central lobbies will receive a large amount of traffic at a high frequency, whereas containers on the 64th floor in a back hallway will receive lower traffic and be used less frequently.

State/Province X

Let us know where you are located! Is salt and sand a concern where you live? Does your state/province collect refundables? Knowing where you are located may play a factor in our container recommendations.

Where Will They Go X

Where is the containers desired destination?

Deskside: Under or near a desk, small cubicles, individual offices, etc.

Common Space: Centralized, Hallway, Cafeteria, Lunchroom, Front Foyer, Public Washrooms, Board Rooms, etc.

Industrial Area: Warehouse, Plant, Manufacturing Facility, Workshop, Back of House.

Front or Top Access X

Would you prefer that when servicing the containers, access come from the front or top? Note: Top access is often preferred in areas where snow accumulation is a concern.

Hard or Soft Ground X

What surface will these containers be placed on? Hard ground (i.e. Pavement, Concrete, Patio, etc.) or Soft Ground (Grass, Field, Sand, etc.)

Your Style X

Bright & Colorful: Are you looking for colors to distinguish your program and you? Do you want the containers to stand out, and make people aware of where and how your recycling stations work?

Contemporary & Subtle: Stainless Steel? Wood finish? Trying to blend in with your new or renovated building? Take a look at our more contemporary and modern options.

Organization Type X

Tell us what type of building they will be going in.

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From stadiums to dorm rooms, cafeterias to classrooms, Busch Systems has been designing recycling and waste bins for Colleges & Universities for over 30 years. Our experience working with educational facilities has taught us that containers need to be durable, practical for both students and faculty and have customizable options to promote both recycling programs and school spirit.

When it comes to bins for Colleges & Universities, we get an A+ in:

  • Durable options for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Wide variety of styles to fit all environments on campus
  • Customizable options to showcase school logos & colors
  • Bins with recycled content to fulfill most bid requirements
  • Fire resistant options available

What better way to make your campus recycling program and school pride shine on its way to zero waste than with containers from Busch Systems!

According to a recent report, increasing the national diversion and recycling rate to 75 percent by 2030 would total over 2.3 million jobs; therefore boosting our national economy by 65,824 jobs each year if we increased our recycling rate linearly at 2.25% per year until 2030.

The report, “More Jobs, Less Pollution” , also estimates that by using a much higher level of recycled materials in manufacturing plants, we can reduce global warming pollution by as much as 276 million metric tons by 2030, an amount equal to eliminating the emissions of approximately 72 coal-fired power plants or taking 50 million cars off the road (equivalent to 1 of every 24 vehicles on the road today).

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The “broken window” theory exists in waste collection and we know that well-designed environments create better behaviors. This is why for over 30 years, Busch Systems has helped designers and architects with the functionalism of recycling and waste collection within their space—so you can maintain focus on form. We offer a design partnership with a plethora of advantages to ensure that implementing recycling and waste collection within your designs goes off without a hitch.


All of our recycling containers are designed with durability in mind and are subject to vigorous testing in applicable conditions. Building our containers with durable materials helps the environment by conserving resources, reducing wastes and diminishing the environmental impacts of repair and replacement. For the customer, this also means less time and money spent managing their collection program and more time spent making a positive environmental impact.

Durability equals Sustainability. Busch Systems manufactures its containers with durable materials to help the environment by conserving resources, reducing wastes and diminishing the environmental impacts of repair and replacement.


Well-designed environments create better behaviors. A combination of a beautifully designed space coupled with easily accessible, properly labeled and centrally located recycling bins equals a win for sustainability. That being said, you may have a space that needs a custom-designed container. If this is the case, feel free to give us a call and we can talk about how we can help!

Sustainability Specialist

LEED provides guidelines for the amount of space dedicated to recycling collection within a facility. It is in the best interest of your recycling program to have several locations equipped with recycling bins to make it easy for employees to participate in your collection program.

If you’re working on a large project that requires a specialist to assess the collection program, we’re available any time to educate your team about your recycling & waste blueprint. We’ve worked on-site, via phone, email and via Skype with many large organizations to help improve their collection program by mapping out the best locations for collection.

Also, the use of Busch Systems containers for Recycling & Waste collection contributes to LEED points. Click the button below for more information about how our bins help achieve those points.

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Leed Points

Using Busch Systems Recycling & Waste Bins in Millwork

At Busch Systems, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce customized containers for a wide variety of collection programs. Using our containers for millwork applications is no exception. We work with numerous clientele that need containers designed to fit with their pre-designed building materials. Below are some of the specifications for our most popular bins used as pull-outs or pivot-outs, within drawers, or as recessed containers custom designed into cabinetry.

Sustainable Products

The amount of recycled content used in our containers is extremely important to our overall company goals of helping ourselves and our customers achieve sustainability.

All Busch Systems containers are 100% recyclable. Some of our containers use up to 99% recycled content and most containers have at least 65% recycled content. The minimum standard we have set for our containers is 25% to ensure we’re achieving a high level of sustainability while meeting the highest durability standards.

Durability is a key component of sustainability. Achieving 100% recycled content is fantastic, but if that product does not last, the goal of sustainability is not met. This is due to the fact that more products have to be recycled, manufactured and shipped, meaning a larger carbon footprint and a less-sustainable product line.

Every year, we look to improve our minimum standard and you can watch our progress on our sustainability page to see how well we’re doing!

Visit our Sustainability Page

Well-Designed Recycling & Waste Collection Saves Money

Seattle’s Westin Hotel (Aka the Green Hotel) overhauled their sustainability program in 1993 to include recycling the standard commodities, along with kitchen grease. Today, 30% of the hotel’s waste is recycled, equaling 280 tons annually with a combined savings and revenue from recycling totaling over $30,000 per year.

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The problem with recycling in apartments/condos/multi-family complexes is tied to a larger problem of increasing a sense of community and neighborhood within high-rise buildings. Higher levels of anonymity and individualism are produced simply by the physical design of the buildings. Therefore residents are disconnected from their waste, but also from their sense of shared responsibility to recycle. This inevitably leads to lower recycling rates.

Busch Systems and our specifically designed containers for apartments can help with this!

Apartments/Multi-Family Complexes are Behind

In a recent study, researchers found that the current diversion for Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2014 were 68% for single-family residential buildings, compared to only 30% for multi-residential buildings.

Part of this is to do with infrastructural reasoning. Many high-rise buildings that are 30+ years old have garbage chutes, but no recycling chutes. Although by-laws have been passed in recent years to add recycling requirements to new developments and to improve old ones, the biggest hindrance for apartment residents is still the problem of inconvenience.

How We Can Help

Busch Systems and our specifically designed containers for multi-family complexes with limited space can help with this! We offer centralized containers that can be placed underneath your garbage chute, in hallways or in lobbies for recycling, waste & organics. We also offer a variety of compact and stackable containers for each individual apartment/condo and its residents.

This is one example of how we can tackle the problem of convenience for individual residents, but each high-rise/low-rise building has unique issues. Take a look at our stock bins by clicking the button below and feel free to contact us any time so we can help solve your waste & recycling issues.

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Although office buildings do not have the same issue as apartments in regards to anonymity and individualism—which leads to a lack of responsibility and lower recycling rates—they share the issue of convenience.

In a busy office, no one has the time to sit around and figure out what material goes in which recycling, waste or organics container. Nor does an individual always have the time to walk to a centralized recycling and waste station to discard their waste, recyclables or compostables.

Our 30 years of experience in office recycling—paired with a recent study by Keep America Beautiful—has shown us that a combination of centralized and deskside recycling and waste collection is the key to sustainability success. This knowledge has led us to design a number of recycling, waste and organics containers perfectly suited for the office environment.

Improving Office Recycling Rates

In a national poll conducted about recycling behavior, 87% of respondents said they typically recycle at home, but the rate of recycling at work drops considerably to 47%.

By following the recommendations ascertained by the 2014 study, offices in the “Little Trash” scenario raised their recycling rate from 65 to 85 percent, reduced the amount of recyclables in the trash from 29% to 13% percent and even reduced the amount of office paper waste to zero!

A marked improvement over the national average of 47 percent!

Saving Your Organizations Money by Recycling

Recycling saves money by reducing the cost of disposal fees and gaining the value of the recycled materials once they’re recycled.

In 2011, Lockheed Martin conducted a recycling audit of their office in Moorestown, NJ. In one year they found that by simply recycling their cardboard and paper, they reduced their landfill costs by $10,834.32. By recycling Co-mingled Bottles & Cans, they saved an additional $1,783.77.

Americans discard 4 million tons of office paper every year – enough to build a 12-foot high wall of paper from New York to California. According to the Worldwatch Institute, only 45% of paper is recycled.

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Although recycling has incredible benefits to reducing your carbon output, avoiding disposal fees is one of the primary goals of a recycling program for your county. The more materials you reduce, reuse and recycle, the less waste you dispose. The less waste you dispose, the fewer trash bins or pickups are required, and the lower your disposal fees. Any way to decrease operating costs will add to your county’s/municipality’s/city’s/township’s bottom line, especially in the current economic climate.

Busch Systems has been crafting recycling and waste bins for counties and municipalities for over 30 years. In fact, our organization began in 1985 solely with counties, municipalities, cities and townships in mind. We started by offering the first curbside recycling bin that was durable enough to handle rigid Canadian winters. Then we included large outdoor centralized containers for public application and the rest is history!

Recycling Saves Counties Money

All recyclable materials are commodities and, as such, their value fluctuates. This is why a program should be built around cost avoidance rather than potential recycling revenues. Depending on your location, revenues from material value should offset the cost of your program; however, cost avoidance most often will have the largest long-term effect economically.

Over the last fiscal year, Palm Beach County recycled more than 83,000 tons of recyclables. As a result, in their 2015 fiscal year the county has paid more than $629,000 to the cities through its Municipal Revenue Share Program.

Since the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County started their Municipal Revenue Share Program in 2010, local municipalities have shared almost $8 million dollars.

Reducing Carbon Output through Recycling

In 2006, U.S. municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling resulted in the avoidance of nearly 183 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2E) in GHG emissions.

In 2008, the Bureau of International Recycling conducted a large-scale study on the environmental benefits of recycling—focusing on metals and paper. Below is a chart outlining the CO2 savings (in kilotons) per 100,000 tons based on the entire lifecycle of each material.

While plastics and food waste play a significant role in carbon reduction via MSW, with the chart above, it’s not difficult to see the environmental benefits of recycling. According to the EPA, MSW is responsible for up to 5% of the planet’s total GHG emissions.

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Green hotels are environmentally-friendly properties whose managers are eager to institute programs that save water, save energy and reduce solid waste—while saving money. These socially responsible hotels are aware of the business impacts associated with the environment and are taking proactive steps to reduce their carbon output and help alleviate the effects of climate change.

Busch Systems has been designing recycling and waste bins for Hotels & Resorts for over 30 years.

Our experience working with hotels has taught us that containers need to be durable and practical for everyday use. However, in most cases, they also need to be aesthetically pleasing with particular customizable options to suit each hotels and resorts unique décor.

Let’s Talk Averages

The average hotel guest creates 2.2 lbs of waste per stay; more than half of it is paper, plastic and cardboard. There are roughly 5.3 million hotel rooms in North America. On any given night a total 11.8 million lbs of waste could potentially be created by hotel guests in North America.

Approximately 30 percent (3.5 million lbs per day) of that waste can be diverted from landfills via recycling.

The Green Hotel

Seattle’s Westin Hotel (Aka the Green Hotel) overhauled their sustainability program in 1993 to include recycling the standard commodities, along with kitchen grease. Today, 30% of the hotel’s waste is recycled, equaling 280 tons annually with a combined savings and revenue from recycling totaling over $30,000 per year.

Reducing the Waste Stream

The New Orleans Intercontinental started a recycling program and hired staff to separate the materials. Management was amazed to find that these employees were pulling $1,000 a month worth of hotel property out of the waste stream (i.e. napkins, towels, spoons, etc.) and transferring them to be recycled.

In Illinois, a Chicago Hyatt reduced their waste hauling by 80%. They had the same experience as New Orleans Continental, with the exception that their staff was pulling $3,000 to $10,000 a month of hotel property out of the waste stream.

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Busch Systems has long-standing relationships with many such teams and we offer a variety of stadium recycling and waste containers that will maximize exposure for both environmental choices and team pride as all bins can be customized to showcase team colors and identity.

It’s Game Day! Fire up the BBQ and get ready to tailgate, grab a cold beverage in the stands by third base or look from the nosebleeds to see what celebrities are sitting courtside.

In 2013, it was estimated that over 17 million people attended professional league games and over 48 million attended college matches. That would add up to over 65 million fans consuming and discarding waste…about 20,000 tons of it annually.

Considering it would take 54,000 cubic feet to cover the football field one foot deep in waste and the average cubic foot of garbage weighs 0.01 tons; this means an average of 37 football fields covered in waste (1 ft high) per year.

How to manage all of that waste? Perhaps surprisingly to some, most of the major Leagues and schools are on the forefront of Sustainability initiatives and have realized that their exposure to the masses offers a great way to educate while they entertain. Teams tackle their green efforts with large-scale and complex diversion programs and a variety of other programs to tackle carbon footprint, energy and water consumption and community involvement to promote environmental change.

Organizations such as the non-profit Green Sports Alliance offer additional resources and supports to teams and leagues. Launching nationally in 2011, GSA aims to ‘green the world through sport’ and encourages sports personnel to swap ideas and opportunities to improve sustainability efforts.

Recycling Success at Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado

In 2008, CU-Boulder's Ralphie's Green Stampede initiative to move the campus toward a zero-waste football stadium made Colorado University the first major collegiate or professional sports program in the United States to undertake such a sustainability measure.

Since 2008, recyclables and compostables are collected each week at around 25 zero-waste stations inside and around the stadium. Student volunteers monitor the stations and advise patrons of proper materials separation steps. ROTC units conduct recycling and compost removal during stadium cleanup.

From 2008-2010, the Ralphie’s Green Stampede program resulted in the collection of more than 242,000 pounds (109 tons) of recyclables and compostables.

View our Bins for Stadiums & Events
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It’s where everyone gathers at a party, where friends and family members come to unwind and enjoy good food and good company. But it’s ALSO the place of a ton of waste production!

Recent research notes that as much as 30% of food waste (worth around $48 billion), is thrown away in the US each year. To break that down, the average household discards about 470 pounds of food each year - about $600 worth! Taxpayers all over the country are paying millions of dollars to get rid of food that most likely could have been composted.


But food waste doesn’t just affect landfills. Throwing away food also means throwing away the resources to grow, ship and produce it which includes large volumes of water, a precious resource. For example and according to some sources, in the US, the amount of water loss from this type of waste is similar to leaving a tap running and letting 40 trillion litres of water go down the drain.

Of course, all of this food waste doesn’t just come from the average kitchen but starting best practices and awareness in the home can hopefully lead to bigger changes. Busch Systems has great solutions to curb food waste and increase recycling in your home, we’re happy to help you get started today!


Life is hectic and making things easy in your home while you’re rushing to work, school, the gym or wherever else life takes you is the key to tackling kitchen waste. Many of our products we recommend for kitchen use are compact in size, well-labeled and color coded so the whole family knows what goes in what bin. When bins are clearly labeled and visible, people can make a quick choice to the right recycling or waste stream and go on with their day.

Given the amount of daily waste that is accumulated, our containers are also be easy to carry and empty so in most cases, even the kids can help take recycling and waste out to the centralized containers.

Finally, go the extra step and review the recycling and composting list put out by most Municipalities, a good way to refresh your memory and perhaps find some new ideas on what to compost!


While the most waste is created in the kitchen, recyclables and trash are also sourced all over the home. Items such as used electronics, glass items, lightbulbs, batteries, bathroom products, yard trimmings…the list goes on!

There are several key steps to efficient home collection:

  1. What Can You Recycle? Check With Your Municipality!
  2. Every different region has their own guidelines for what can be recycled and composted and familiarizing yourself with this information will certainly make life easier and your recycling decisions faster. Noting how difficult items such as batteries, electronics or household hazardous waste are collected is especially important to making sure these items don’t end up in your local landfill. Don’t forget, other items such as toys, furniture, clothing, etc. that are gently used may not have to hit the garbage can and could be donated instead.

  3. Storage Is Key!
  4. You’ve determined what you can recycle; now find a place to store them. Most areas have household recycling collections and provide or arrange for at least one collection container. However, creating an efficient sorting system in your home will make life easier on recycling day. Systems with clear signage or labels along with adequate collection space and placed in a centralized area tend to make sorting simple and decrease what’s tossed in the trash.

  5. Timing Is Everything!
  6. While you’ll likely already know what day your waste and recycling is collected, pay attention to schedule changes surrounding holidays, etc. so you can plan accordingly. As above, some areas have special collection days for items such as batteries, hazardous waste, etc.

  7. Other Tips For Success!
  8. If your county requires items be rinsed prior to being put to the curb, try using the end of your dishwater to rinse and save water at the same time. Keep your kitchen compost bin on the counter so it’s handy to place scraps in at all times. If your area has recycling drop-off points for unique items, plan them into your weekend errands so you don’t have to make a special trip. Keep plastic bags so they can be reused…better yet, use cloth when possible and keep a stash in your car so they’re always ready for the grocery store. Place a recycling bin in the bathroom if you’ve got space to ensure those empty shampoo bottles always get where they’re supposed to go.

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Who We Are

We’re an innovative, passionate, knowledgeable group of individuals who treat our clients and each other with respect and enthusiasm. We’re a company who thinks about the environment every day and designs, recommends and customizes waste and recycling solutions for collection programs across all industries. We’re dedicated to our philanthropic efforts and activities on and off the company clock. Every day we try our best to say ‘thank you’ to our colleagues and customers, while sharing a laugh too, that’s just who WE are!

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Our Team

We live in a big city with a small town feel and it’s highly reflective of the characters and personalities present at our Busch Systems headquarters. Every one of us dares to be different, yet at the same time we work together, passionately, for the noble cause of minimizing our clients environmental impact through recycling and waste diversion. We’re downright devoted to our customers and love to hear the success stories that come from a recycling program implemented to perfection.

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Our waste diversion rate in 2010 increased from 38% to 92% in 2015.

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Busch Systems

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Busch Systems

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Busch Systems

Busch Systems

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Busch Systems

Busch Systems

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